The volume of a spherical tank is 790.272 pie cubic feet. What is the diameter of the container?

Accepted Solution

Answer:16.8Step-by-step explanation:We are given the  volume of a spherical tank =  790.272 π cubic feet.We need to find the diameter of the container .We know formula for volume of a sphere.Where r is the radius.Plugging V= 790.272 π  in the above formula, we getDividing both sides by π, we get790.272 =Multiplying both sides by 3, we get2370.816 = Dividing both sides by 4, we get592.704 = Taking cube root on both sides, we getr=8.4.Diamater is 2 times of radius, that is 2 × 8.4 = 16.8Therefore, the diameter of the container = 16.8 feet.