The shortest side of an isosceles triangle is 26 cm less than twice as long as the other sides. The perimeter of the triangle is 70 cm. Find the lengths of the three sides and list them in ascending order.

Accepted Solution

Answer:22 cm, 24 cm, and 24 cm.Step-by-step explanation:Isosceles Triangle is a type of triangle in which two of the three sides are equal in length. The perimeter is 70 cm. Therefore, in this question, since the sides are unknown, we can assume that:Length of the shorter side = x cm.Length of the other sides = y cm.The relationship between x and y is given by:x = (2y - 26) cm (because it is mentioned that the shortest side is 26 cm less than twice as long as the other sides).Perimeter of a triangle = sum of all sides.Since its an isosceles triangle, therefore:Perimeter of the triangle = x + 2y.Substituting the values in the perimeter formula gives:Perimeter of the triangle = 2y - 26 + 2y.70 = 4y - 26.4y = 96.y = 24 cm. Substituting y = 24 in the equation x = 2y - 26 gives x = 2(24) - 26 = 22 cm.So in the ascending order, the lengths are 22 cm, 24 cm, and 24 cm!!!