Please help!! the table shows the number of hours that a group of friends spent in their first week training to run a marathon. in the second week, they each add 4 hours to their training times. what are the mean, median, mode, and range of times for the second week? Jeff 5Mark 10Karen 5Costas 9Brett 7Nikki 5Jack 7

Accepted Solution

so if they all add 4 hours to their time then they have:
Jeff 9
Mark 14
Karen 9
Costas 13
Brett 11
Nikki 9
Jack 11

so now to find the mean you add all the numbers together to get 76 and then you divide it by the number of people (7 people) so 76 divided by 7 equals 10.8571429 and that's the mean.

Now to find the median you put all the numbers in order from least to greatest: 9;9;9;11;11;13;14 and you take the number in the middle but since both 11 and 11 are in the middle you take the mean of them and the mean of them is 11 so the median of the numbers is 11

now to find the range you take the largest number (14) and you subtract the smallest number (9) so 14 - 9 is 5 so 5 is the range

and last the mode is the number that is repeated most out of all the numbers so the mode would be 9