NEED HELP. STUCK ON THIS QUESTION. A woodworker makes wooden checkerboards. Her profit is a function of the price she charges. This graph shows her total profits, Y, based on the sales price, X, of each checkerboard. Identify any zeros of this function, and interpret what the zeros mean in terms of the situation.

Accepted Solution

Answer:B) Zeros:  x=15 and x=70.  These are the prices at which she neither makes nor loses money.Step-by-step explanation:"Zeros" is another word for the x-intercepts of a graph.  They are so called because they are the points where y = 0.We can see from the graph that the two x-intercepts of this graph are at about x = 15 and x = 70.Looking at the labels of the graph, this means it would be x = $15 selling price and x = $70 selling price.  These points are where y, the profit, is $0; this means she neither makes nor loses money.